The Lake Burton Trading Post was founded on the belief that our personal environment is important and that the attributes and the character of the physical space we choose to live in can have an immense impact upon our lives. Nowhere is this truth more evident than in the place we call home. 

The old saying, "Home is where the heart is" has more truth in it than we might even realize. Home truly is a reflection of who we are and the things we value. We maintain it and repair it and upgrade it. We paint it, fill it with our things, and carefully arrange our stuff.  We landscape our yards and plant our gardens and hang bird feeders. We make it ours, inside and out—and over, time it becomes an extension of our personality and part of our self-expression.

Our home serves as a stage upon which significant parts our lives are played out— 

where memories live and where future chapters will unfold.  We experience so much of our lives within its boundaries, that it becomes an important part of our story, and as time goes by it begins to define us.  In this respect, we are wise if we understand just how powerful the different elements of our home can be.

One part of our home that is often underestimated is our experience of the actual physical space in which we live. The fact is, this space is continuously speaking to us and sending signals to us. When we wake up, our home helps to set the tone for our day. When we leave and then return home again, it greets us. As we go to sleep, the sights and sounds and smells of our home form the last impressions left on our minds. Over time, as these messages and signals compound and reinforce one another they become a powerful force that can inspire us and support our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual goals or they can be a source of discouragement that acts as a headwind against which we have to struggle each and every day.

Because of this, one of the more impactful decisions we can make in life is to take charge of what we experience in our homes— to decide to purposefully and intentionally shape our home surroundings so that the messages and signals we experience encourage us and support a positive state of mind. The endgame is to optimize our environment so that it becomes a contributor to our daily efforts to become the person we ideally want to be and supports the goals we ultimately want to accomplish.  

If our home environment is shaping us, why not get a jump on things and shape it first?

So where do we start? How do we begin? How can we optimize our home environment to serve our purposes? We have to start by asking ourselves what we want to experience when we are within a certain a space. What are the messages and tones that we want to have continually reflecting back to us? Just as importantly, we need to be very clear about what we don’t want to experience and to identify what, for us, may be unhelpful or even toxic messages.

Our next step involves taking inventory. What encourages us and what discourages us in our home and why? Are there any micro-environments within our home that we need to change? Where in our home do we want to be moved toward peace and tranquility and where do we want to be inspired with creative energy or motivated toward productivity?  Where do we want to enjoy more conversation and deeper relationship building, and where do we want to be able to focus and study or be entertained or just relax?  Exactly what are the characteristics and elements of those spaces that move us toward or away from our goals?

Now comes the fun part. Once we have identified the areas we want to change, and we are clear on our personal goals for those areas, we can begin to look at the types of specific things we can do to begin moving forward. Sometimes it’s as simple as relocating a TV or designating a special area for family photographs and memories or celebrating a child’s accomplishments on the refrigerator door. Other times we may have to redefine and re-message an entire space. Cosmetic surgery or body part replacement? It’s your choice!

One more thing— Never be afraid to experiment. Start small and determine to have as much fun as possible. As with any other skill set, improvement will come with doing and you will probably break a few eggs along the way. As you dial in on your surroundings and gain more and more control over your home's subconscious messaging system you will be amazed at the positive effects of immersing yourself in an environment you have optimized to produce the results you want.

You might be asking yourself by now, “What does all this have to do with The Lake Burton Trading Post and this website?” The simple answer to that question is that it forms the foundation for everything we do.  Our company exists to help people shape their environment to inspire their lives.

Our goal is to help put wind in your sails

by providing you with access to artistic elements with practical value that you can use to create amazing environments that inspire and uplift—pieces that you can use to shape and beautify and enrich your surroundings and the surroundings of those for whom you care.

With that in mind, we have worked diligently to identify and select a broad range of quality products that will add fun, beauty and value to both your home and your outdoor living space.  These products are practical and at the same time inspirational, in that they impart a true sense of elegance, comfort, creativity, joy and delight.  And, we have tried to provide a selection of products for every budget so that no matter where you are in your journey, you can benefit from our curation.

Our products range from major architectural components like cupolas that can transform your home’s entire appearance, to skyline-changing weathervanes, to smaller artistic pieces of outdoor décor and accessories like exquisite candle lanterns and ornate garden hose holders—beautiful, themed sundials and outdoor clock-thermometers, bird feeders, birdbaths, and bird houses.  We even have an entire collection of hand-painted garden weathervanes.

Our hope is that you will find something here in our store that will add inspiration and joy to your life, uplift your spirit, and enrich your personal space—and that that in turn will help propel you forward in your own series of adventures, knowing you’ll always enjoy coming home.

God’s Speed,

Bob Forbes